Love, Zac:
Small-Town Football and the Life and Death of an American Boy

by Reid Forgrave released on September 8, 2020!

“This is a book about sports, but this is not a sports book.” This is Zac Easter’s story.

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Through research and development, we are searching for ways to identify CTE potential in concussed and sub-concussed brains. It is our aim to protect and defend against the long-term, ill-effects of multiple traumatic brain injuries – many of which occur often in organized sports, as well as every day life. This is your chance to help us succeed

Thanks to you, now there’s hope

Thanks to you, now there's hope.

It is a fact, when people play collision sports (especially kids) they can suffer from multiple concussions and sub-concussions. Many times, these injuries are the harbinger of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or "CTE", as it's commonly known. CTE is a brain condition that leads to forgetfulness, confusion, depression, and in the case of my son, Zac Easter - suicide.

CTE Hope is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dedicated to utilizing biomarker protein data to identify a concussive event. Our aim at CTE Hope is not to end sports that may have a concussive aspect, but to develop new tools to identify the level of brain injury sustained by the athlete. The instant test will confirm the potential existence of a concussion and further protocol will be determined by the institution.

CTE Hope is too late for my son, but maybe not yours.

Invest in the technology that’s changing contact sports. Help us finish our research and bring this vitally important medical device to the market.



Brenda Easter / Founder & CEO, CTE Hope


Make a difference

Make a difference in the world of CTE detection and prevention.

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A final word about CTE.

Although we focus on youth collision sports, it is important to remember that any concussive event including falls, and near falls, can produce CTE. We are researching CTE and plan to come out with a comprehensive testing device to alert institutions before the onset of CTE and its deleterious effects.

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– produced by Gentlemen’s Quarterely.

Even a $1 donation will help us identify the markers for CTE. Like Alzheimers, it is a terrible way to live life.

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