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We are continually trying to find additional information and studies related to the science behind TBIs and CTE and the management and treatment of post-TBI and concussion symptoms. If you do not find the answer or study you are looking for on this page, please contact our team for further assistance.

Science, August 7, 2019–“Just one season of playing football—even without a concussion—can cause brain damage”

The Brink, July 3, 2019–“How Does CTE Impact Women? Former Soccer Stars Join the First All-Female CTE Study at BU”

The New York Times, June 26, 2019–“Do Brain Injuries Affect Women Differently?”

Medical Life Science News, June 23, 2019–“JLargest study finds CTE in 6% of athletes and non-athletes”

Neurology Times, April 19, 2019–“Stem Cell Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury?”

Washington Post, April 10, 2019–“CTE researchers discover possible step toward diagnostic test for living patients”

US News, February 21, 2019–“Brain Condition CTE Seen in H.S. Football Players: Study”

San Francisco Chronicle, February 19, 2019–“49ers star Richard Sherman throws a flag on NFL’s concussion policy”

New York Times, February 13, 2019–“New Jersey Unveils New Limits on High School Football Practices”


NPR, February 3, 2019–“Poor Students More Likely To Play Football, Despite Brain Injury Concerns”

Vox, February 3, 2019–“What a lifetime of playing football can do to the human brain”

Business Insider, February 1, 2019–“A quarter of Americans want flag football to replace high school football”

Columbia, January 31, 2019–“NFL Does an End Run Around Serious Brain Injury Discussion”

Legal Examiner, January 30, 2019–“Is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Genetic? Some Studies Say Yes”

CNN, Janury 30, 2019–“Mild traumatic brain injury linked to higher risk of PTSD, depression”

AP News, January 29, 2019–“A somber Super Bowl reminder in ‘Mr. Falcon’ CTE diagnosis”

Science News, January 24, 2019–“Lack of sleep is tied to increases in two Alzheimer’s proteins”

New York Times, January 23, 2019–“Do More for Football Players With Head Trauma”

Psychology Today, January 21, 2019–“Guts, Wits, Microbiome, and the Vagus Nerve”

San Francisco Chronicle, January 12, 2019–“What will football helmets look like in future? UC Berkeley scientists may know”

Psychology Today, December 2, 2018–“Had a Concussion? 11 Tips to Get You Through the Holidays”

New York Times, November 30, 2018–“Doctors Said Hockey Enforcer Todd Ewen Did Not Have C.T.E. But He Did.”

Technician, November 27, 2018–“NFL Funding New UNC Study Looking at CTE”

Technician, November 26, 2018–“Football affects youth brain development after just one season, study says”

Technician, November 26, 2018–“COMMENTARY: Safety should be top priority in football”

The Boston Globe, November 15, 2018–Press Release: “NFL awards Boston Children’s Hospital $14.7m to study brain injury”

Concussion Legacy Foundation, November 2, 2018–Press Release: “147 COLLEGES HAVE A FORMER FOOTBALL PLAYER WHO HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CTE; 26 HAVE AT LEAST THREE”

Court News Ohio, October 31, 2018–“Football Player’s Widow Can Pursue Head Injury Lawsuit Against Notre Dame, NCAA”

Forbes, September 25, 2018–“Do Not Let Kids Play Tackle Football Until They Are 14, Aspen Suggests”

Aspen Institute, September 2018–“What if…Flag Becomes the Standard Way of Playing Football Until High School?”

Science, September 20, 2018–“Your gut is directly connected to your brain, by a newly discovered neuron circuit”

The Good Man Project, August 1, 2018–“Traumatic Brain Injury Care: MFNC is First Clinic in Minnesota to Add GyroStim”

Functional Health Minute, July 12, 2018–“WOMEN HAVE MORE AND WORSE CONCUSSIONS THAN MEN”


Daily Mail, April 12, 2018–“Children should not be playing tackle football, says Packers great Brett Favre as he fears HE may have C.T.E. after suffering ‘thousands’ of concussions”

CBS News, May 1, 2018, 7:45 AM–“Children who play football before age 12 show CTE-related symptoms much sooner”

The Washington Post, January 18, 2018–“A new study shows that hits to head, not concussions, cause CTE.”

60 Minutes, January 7, 2018–“Combat veterans coming home with CTE”

Think Progress, December, 2017–“New female brain bank will help close the gender gap in concussion research.”

Chicago Tribune, November 15, 2017–“CTE confirmed for 1st in live person, according to exam of ex-NFL player.”

Medscape, September 29, 2017–“Brain Inflammation Tied to Depression, Suicidal Thoughts”

The Washington Post, September 26, 2017–“Breakthrough may lead to ability to diagnose CTE in living football players”

The New York Times, September 19, 2017–“Playing Tackle Football before 12 is Tied to Brain Problems Later”

The Washington Post, July 25, 2017–“The latest brain study examined 111 former NFL players. Only one didn’t have CTE.”

The New York Times, January 31, 2017–“Not Safe for Children? Football’s Leaders Make Drastic Changes to Youth Game”

PRNewswire, January 30, 2017–“Save Your Brain Sports Families Launch ‘Faces of CTE’ Awareness Campaign”

USA Today, January 12, 2017–“Bo Jackson’s startling hindsight: ‘I would have never played football'”

TIME, November, 3rd, 2016–“Autopsy Shows Former NFL Player Kevin Turner Had Advanced CTE”

Science Daily, October 22nd, 2016–“New Strategy to Prevent Alzheimer’s disease”

Medpage Today, October 1, 2016–“Randomized Trial to Examine Head Injuries in Youth Football”

Science Daily, September 27, 2016–“Experimental Imaging Agent Reveals Concussion-Linked Brain Disease in Living Brain”

Medpage Today, July 28, 2016–“Tau Drug Flops in Study”

Science Daily, July 18, 2016–“Toxic Alzheimer’s protein spreads through brain via extracellular space” 

News Medical, July 19, 2016–“New research shows how toxic Alzheimer’s protein spreads through the brain”

Neurology Now, July 12, 2016–“For Concussion Recovery, Low-Level Activity May Be Better than Rest”

Concussion Legacy Foundation–“What is CTE”